sandblasting aluminum wheel

Robotic Cell

Strip Master has installed a "State of the Art" robotic cell for our wheel stripping operation. Six independent cells are operated by one single cell operator. One conveyor moves the painted wheels into the cell for placement into one of the six blasting cabinets. The exit/Inspection conveyor moves the wheels after stripping, out of the cell to an inspector and palletizing station.

The "Tending Robot" located in the center of the cell is programmed to move the wheels from the conveyor to the carousel and to remove the completed wheel back to the exit conveyor.
     The flexibility designed into this system allows Strip Masters to change wheel programs quickly and easily. We can change from a 15" Aluminum Wheel to a 22" Aluminum Wheel in less than 2 minutes. The program is user friendly and allows us an infinite number of angles and speeds to strip the toughest wheel design.

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