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Plastic Media Blasting
Our Georgetown Facility
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We are the Sandblasting alternative! Why deal with worrisome, expensive, time-consuming and potentially hazardous paint removal operations, when Stripmaster can do the work.

Employing an innovative paint removal process called Plastic Media Blasting, Stripmaster can complete most jobs more quickly, more effectively and at lower per-unit costs then you're able to do through almost any other paint removal procedures, whether or not these are conducted at your own facility.

You'll never have to cope with health and environmental regulations associated with chemical stripping. Your paint removal operations will never endanger the health of your employees or affect the environment in any way.

Our Plastic Media Blasting Center in Georgetown, Kentucky, is equipped to handle anything transportable - from small, delicate products to bulky equipment and large vehicles.

You'll be amazed at the quality of the finished work and the quick turnarounds we're able to provide, but most importantly, you'll love the low costs.


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