sandblasting aluminum wheel


Manufacturers producing coated or painted products, particularly those requiring

precise tolerances, will find the coating removal services of Stripmaster particularly cost-effective.

We can correct most production errors relating to the application of paint or coatings without excessive etching or damage of any kind to the substrate. We can perform the work quickly and at per-unit costs which may well be lower than those achievable within your own operation.

If you're involved in remanufacturing or reconditioning, you should explore the savings in time and money to be gained when Stripmaster handles your paint removal and surface prep requirements.

Few coated or painted products are too small or too delicate to undergo our damage-free plastic media blasting. At the other end of the scale, our work on large vehicles, machinery and bulky equipment can be completed in amazingly short periods.

The speed of Plastic Media Blasting is particularly advantageous in applications for equipment maintenance when the need for minimal down time is critical.

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