sandblasting aluminum wheel


Dramatic savings and money can be realized when Stripmaster's Plastic Media Blasting process is used for automotive applications.

Our blast stripping with plastic media rapidly and safely removes paint from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylics - virtually any automotive part imaginable - without causing excess pitting, etching, or metal-expansion damage.

More remarkable is that coatings can generally be removed without removing protective underlying coatings such as Alclad, anodize, phosphate or, in many cases, even the primer.

For certain applications, such as Corvette's fiberglass body, plastic media stripping may be an attractive alternative to time-consuming hand-sanding.

For original-equipment manufacturers, dry stripping will reduce waste caused by defective or faulty finished coats. Instead of scrapping or recasting the defective piece, it can be quickly plastic-media-blasted clean and returned to the assembly line.

Plastic blast technology is not only a quick and åfficient way to remove coatings, but of tremendous advantage in its ability to eliminate environmental risk.

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